General Dental Services

olathe ks dental servicesAt our dental practice in Olathe you’ll find a variety of services created to bring your teeth back to health and keep your smile looking great for years to come. You can rest assured that our dentists are among the best and will be using the latest technology the dental industry has to offer. No expense has been spared when it comes to dental education, technology and experience.


Our dentistry team is always working to give you the best solution to meet your needs. Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved. In that case, our team might suggest a tooth extraction. Having a well experienced dentist is extremely important when you are contemplating whether our not you need an extraction. In the case that you do need one, having the best dental professional is absolutely crucial. Call our dental office to discuss your needs.

Root Canals

Root canals are a common dental procedure that are smooth and painless if you have the right dentist and technology. Our doctors will first address the problem and issues in the nerve and root system of your tooth. Once these issues have been addressed we will cap the tooth with a specially shaded porcelain crown. Your tooth will be restored both functionally and cosmetically.


Periodontal disease refers to an infection of the supportive tissues in the mouth that are usually the result of a buildup in toxic bacteria found in plaque. Periodontal disease is commonly known as gum disease or gingivitis. Many people have some degree of gum disease. If left untreated, this gum disease can cause many problems such as break down of the soft tissue in the mouth and jaw, tooth loss and other oral health issues. Periodontal therapy includes the gentle removal of plaque and bacteria from beneath the gum line. If needed more advanced treatments are available to restore and keep your gums in good health. Diseases like diabetes and heart-related illnesses have been linked to gum disease. Make sure to let our dental team know if you have either. Our Olathe dentists are experts when it comes to periodontal therapy and we are sure you’ll be happy with your results.



After our dentists have removed any damage or disease, we will fill and seal your teeth. in the past fillings were made of dark silver-amalgam. At our dentist office we use tooth colored fillings. These are made of a special resin that will be shaded and sculpted to match your tooth’s natural shape and color. This will also make it harder for future decay to develop due to leakage. Most people won’t even notice that you have a filling. Ask our dental office about tooth-colored fillings.

olathe dentist family practiceNIGHTGUARDS

Do you have jaw pain, headaches, or neck and shoulder pain? These can be a sign that you’re grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Using a customized nightguard mouthpiece will hold your teeth in a comfortable position and protect your teeth from clenching and grinding. Our doctors will look at your jaw and teeth to determine if a nightguard is the right therapy for you.