Dental Technology Services

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Do you want the most comfortable and advanced dental care the industry has to offer? At our office you’ll get just that. With state-of-the-art technology you’ll get comfortable, educated, safe and beautiful results every time. Our patients are thankful for the investment we’ve put into making sure we have the best dental equipment available.

The Caesy Education System

The Caesy Education System uses high-quality 3D graphics, videos and images to show our patients their recommended procedures while explaining their necessity. This gives every patient a full understanding of what services our dental team is able to provide and why. Relax and be confident that you will be able to make educated and informed decisions concerning your oral health.

Digital Photography

Our dental office is able to get instant images of your teeth using digital photography. This means we’ll be able to show you images your teeth and any issues we need to discuss immediately, saving you time. We are also able to easily store images of your teeth creating your own personal dental history which can be very helpful in making future oral health decisions.

Digital Radiographs/X-Rays

We utilize digital radiographs, also known as X-Rays, to determine exactly what each patient needs in a very safe way. Digital Radiographs allow our team to thoroughly map out your teeth and diagnose any problem areas that you may have. Our office only uses digital x-rays which produce a very high-definition image with far less radiation than traditional x-rays. It’s very important to us that our practice uses the safest technologies. Digital images can also be stored quickly and safely for all future needs. This makes it very easy to track progress from visit to visit.

Logicon Caries Software

olathe dentist ks using logiconLogicon Caries Software is able to help our dental team find up to twenty percent more issues than traditional procedures. Using this software allows us to detect issues very early on helping us prevent many related problems in the future. Logicon software uses digital radiographs that put out different shades of grey. This reveals weak areas in your teeth and allows our dentists to see many things that aren’t apparent to the human eye.

Soprolife Intraoral Cameras

Our dental office has monitors set up in each room so that we can show you images of your mouth on the spot. If we see areas where your teeth have broken fillings, cracks or anything else we’ll be able to show you. The Soprolife Intraoral Camera is specifically designed to detect cavities and is one of the best tools we have to show our patients exactly what work needs to be performed. We believe that the more informed you are the better decisions you’ll be able to make.

Let Us Give You A Reason To Smile

From the front desk, to each procedure and follow up visits our office is determined to give you the best experience you’ve ever had going to the dentist. If you’re ready to make your smile healthy and enjoy every step call us today.